"I hope I was as helpful to Goodwill as they were to me!"

September 12, 2018

Accounting Department at Banleaco an equipment, softwar

Banleaco Equipment Financing and Leasing Accounting Team


Earlier this week several members of the Banleaco accounting team participated in the United Way of Central Iowa's Day of Action. They spent several hours volunteering at a nearby Goodwill store.

Diane Williams, Banleaco Vice President and Controller shared what an incredible experience it was for her and for the rest of the team.


"Upon arrival, Alison Cate, marketing director for Goodwill of Central Iowa welcomed us and provided a great overview of how the retail side of Goodwill helps to fund their mission ‘to improve the quality of life for all individuals by providing skills training and helping people find jobs.’ I also learned that the Urbandale location collects more goods than any other site, more than they could ever sell.  Jon and his crew sort through the donations and ship excess ‘collateral’ to other stores daily.

 I was assigned to the intake area where I helped David take donations.  What a joyful experience!  That morning we averaged 20 donations an hour and it was a slow day!  I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety and quality of items donated and that not all donators wanted a receipt.  I even visited with a neighbor!  I loved participating in the process behind the scenes, learning what Goodwill employees do with your donation after it leaves your car.  These folks take their job seriously.  Everyone was busy, all the time.  David was ‘Johnny on the spot’ when a car drove up to donate or pick up a large purchase.  And if intake was slow, he was busy sorting donations, breaking down boxes and finding other ways to help out.  The other employees sorted bin after bin of donations, readying them for shipment or the sales floor.  Each item must be inspected, tagged and priced.  The process could be tedious but the employees were efficient.  I noticed a unique lamp on the pricing floor when we arrived at 9 am.  At noon, when we left, someone was loading that same lamp in their van!" 


Diane and the rest of the team were just a few of the of the 4,706 volunteers who volunteered and together those volunteers contributed 9,827 hours of time to our community.

  • 147 projects were completed
  • Volunteers represented 46 companies
  • 29 nonprofits benefited
  • Students from 14 schools had the chance to read with a volunteer
  • 3,100 books were given to kids
  • 2,500 hygiene items were donated
  • 240 dressers were assembled
  • 35 alarm clocks were collected

The total impact on our community was $242,634!