The Banleaco Police Lip Sync Challenge

August 20, 2018

Photo courtesy of Norfolk Police Department

If you have logged on to social media lately, you may be one of the thousands who have watched one of the police lip sync videos. The first video was posted by Alexander Mena, a deputy from Texas. Two months later, the video has been seen by about 1.5 million people. You can see the video here.

Since Mena’s video was posted online, videos of police from across the US have been shared on YouTube and Vimeo. Millions of people have spent hours watching the 2 or 3 minute videos.

The videos are definitely funny, but there are some serious lessons we can learn from them.

1. It’s ok to laugh at yourself. Through these videos we had a chance to see law enforcement from a different angle. Instead of thinking of them as the bad guys who stop us for speeding, we had a chance to see them as real people. Police lip sync battle Uptown Funk

Just as there is value in letting people see law enforcement as real people, there is value in letting your staff and coworkers see you as a real person. It helps ease fears your staff may have about bringing new ideas and suggestions to you. Letting coworkers see this side of you can help them to be more understanding when a personal matter impacts your performance on the job.

2. Challenge others to be their best. If you take time to look at the first police video, you will notice it was pretty darn good. Look what happened when other police departments got involved and worked to out do other department’s videos.  The departments raised the bar to a level few of us would expect from a group of police officers. As managers we need to give employees opportunities to be challenged and to see how high they can raise the bar. Just like the police videos, the results can be very surprising.

3. Look for the positives even when you fail. There are many videos made by police departments that hit the web and never went viral. Many of those videos may have less than 1000 views. Not every video was an internet sensation.

Regardless of the number of views, is there still value in the "failure?"  ABSOLUTELY! How many times do you think the people making those videos laughed until they cried? Don't you think making these videos helped officers get to know other officers better? Did making the video increase the level of comradery? The value is there.

Business can be the same way. There are countless stories of business men and women who failed over and over and over before they were successful. They learned otions that weren't going to work. They learned how to do things more efficiently. They saw success in the small gains.

Police Lip Sync Video Suicide Prevention4. Do what you are doing to do good.  The Novato, California police department decided to take on the lip sync challenge, but decided step it up a little and use their video for good.  Officers created their lip sync video to raise awareness of mental health, suicide prevention, and PTSD.

Take time to think about how the things you do daily could benefit others. When we changed our name from Bankers Leasing Company to Banleaco, we ended up with office supplies that would no longer be used. We needed to make space in the supply cabinet, but instead of throwing the pens with the old name on them away those pens will benefit teachers and students in area classrooms.

And that Banleaco Lip Sync Video?? Stay tuned for that one! Remember our promise to have a financing decision in as little as 15 minutes? Well our staff is busy making sure we have a decisions for our customers so there hasn't been any dancing in the halls.

In the meantime, here are a few more lip sync battle videos.  Take a break, watch them, and remember what those 3 minutes can teach you (and what that financing approval can get you!).

Take a look at this one.

And this one.

And this one.