Financing 101

The Advantages of Equipment Financing

Banleaco's flexible equipment financing progrmas offer advantages that other equipment financing companies just can't match. In business today, equpment financing programs are not one size fits all.  Business owners are dealing with cash flow issues, managing lines of credit,  and trying to keep ahead of changing customer demands and market trends Those challenges have led many small business to look to equipment financing for solutions.

Equipment Financing Allows Flexible Options for Changing Business Needs

Choosing equipment financing puts you in control. As your business needs change or opportunities arise, you have the flexibility to add or upgrade your business's equipment and technology. Conserve cash while reaping the financial benefits of your new equipment. Choosing a company who understands your business, the industry, and your needs will help you find the best option for your financing needs.

Financial Benefits of Equipment Financing

Equipment financing puts essential equipment and technology in your hands quickly.  Consistent payments will provide an opportunity to plan ahead. Equipment financing will allow you to pay for your equipment using fixed monthly payments over a period of time instead of forcing you to commit the full investment up front.

Choosing financing also lets you preserve your existing lines of credit for other operational needs that may arise and conserve your capital for investment in other areas of your business.

Tax Benefits Available for Business Equipment Financing

Tax benefits can reduce the total cost of your equipment. The full value of your equipment may be fully tax deductible in the year the equipment is put into operation. See Section 179 for deduction details.


It is recommended to consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation and to obtain the most current details.