Equipment financing is good for small businesses

Equipment financing can benefit small businesses, start-ups and established businesses.

Improve your cash flow

Financing can help manage your cash flow. It eliminates the worries of having cash resources tied up and when opportunities arise, you will have the cash you need. When you have a consistent monthly payment it can make your budgeting simpler.

Preserve other lines of credit

By choosing equipment financing, you preserve other lines of credit.  You will free up those funds for larger projects as they become available.

Hedges against inflation

The longer you wait to purchase a piece of equipment the more expensive the piece can become. Financing your equipment locks in a lower price and provides a fixed monthly payment.

Finance 100% of costs

There are often soft costs that come along with equipment purchases. Those costs may include shipping, training, installation, and maintenance agreements. Our programs often allow customers to finance 100% of the equipment purchase price while rolling these soft costs into an Equipment Financing Agreement (EFA)

Save on taxes

Purchasing new equipment can reduce your total tax bill.  The IRS Section 179 Deduction lets business owners deduct the full price of their equipment in the year it is put into operation.  The deduction can be used even when buyers choose to finance 100% of the purchase. Often times the tax savings will more than cover the first year's payments.

Monthly payments

Financing new equipment can pay for itself.  The new equipment often generates enough revenue or reduces expenses enough to cover the monthly payment.

If you are considering a purchase request a free, no obligation quote for your purchase. Together we can compare financing options to determine if the additional revenue or cost savings will cover the monthly payment.

Choosing equipment financing can have a positive impact on your business finances. Apply for financing today!