Equipment Financing Is Good For Business

Improve your cash flow

Financing can be a big help in managing your cash flow and providing peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about having your cash resources tied up when there are surprise expenses or payments are delayed.

Preserve other lines of credit

By choosing equipment financing, you can preserve other lines of credit. Financing will let you take advantage of future business opportunities as they arise.

Hedges against inflation

The longer you wait to purchase your equipment the more the price will go up. Financing your equipment will provide a fixed monthly payment while locking in a lower price.

Finance 100% of costs

Frequently there are soft costs that come along with equipment purchases. Those costs may include shipping, training, installation and maintenance agreements. Many of our programs allow customers to finance 100% of their equipment and roll those additional charges into their financing contract.

Save on taxes

Purchasing new equipment can have a positive impact on your total tax bill. The Federal Government’s Section 179 Deduction allows business owners to deduct the full price of their equipment in the year it is purchased and put into operation. The deduction can be used even if the equipment is 100% financed. As an added bonus, many times the tax savings cover the first years’ payments.

Monthly payments

When you finance your new equipment you may be able to cover the payments with the added revenue that your equipment brings to your business. That can be a big help when you are trying to manage your revenue and expenses.