Offers For You

Up to 100% Financing  

Leasing allows your clients to obtain financing for 100% of your invoice.  This may include soft costs such as shipping, installation, training, and licensing.  Software may also be included.


Increase the size of your sale

Show the customer that for just a few more dollars a month they can afford to obtain additional features or more needed equipment.


Control the Sale and Minimize Lost Sales

Bankers Leasing Company is a consistent funding source for your clients. This allows you to control sales from start to finish. Providing a leasing option alleviates the need for clients to arrange for financing from their own institution, which can take weeks.  It also helps avoid client procrastination.  Time is of the essence, and delays may increase the potential to loose a sale or allow the customer to shop for other pricing.


Ensure You Receive Prompt Payment

Bankers Leasing Company can make a direct deposit to an account of your choice or overnight a check to you. Prompt payment will be made upon receipt of your final invoice and acknowledgement of delivery by your client.


Close More Sales and Increase the Chance of Repeat Business

Leasing closes deals!  Clients prefer having options when making equipment purchases.  It shows your client you are a full-service solution for their needs.  Leasing is budget friendly, as it allows clients to allocate funds over a period of time with fixed payments.  Therefore, the client has more funds available in their budget to acquire additional equipment or upgrade more frequently from you.