Offers For Your Clients

100% Financing

This is valuable to both you and your customers.  Providing the ability to finance your entire invoice alleviates the need for upfront cash outlay from your client.


Leasing Pays for Itself

Use of the equipment adds value immediately to a company and their bottom line.  The revenues generated by use of the new equipment can be used to make the lease payments.


Preserves Credit Lines

Leasing provides an additional funding source, supplementing existing credit lines.  Also, unlike other forms of financing lease payments may not affect your client's balance sheet.


Conserves Working Capital

Leasing allows cash to be invested and used for other operational needs, expansions or acquisitions.


Flexibility and Budget Friendly

Your client can match payments to their cash flow with flexible payment terms including monthly or periodic payment options.  Leasing also guarantees a fixed payment amount for the length of the lease term, simplifying budgets.


Tax Advantages

Tax benefits can reduce the cost to obtain equipment.  Depending on the lease type, lease payments may be considered an operating expense and be fully tax deductable.  Another tax advantage is Section 179, which allows a business to write off qualified equipment up a certain dollar amount within the year of purchase.  

*Consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation and to obtain current up-to-date details.