Types of Leasing 

Financing or Capital Leases could be your best option if you want to own your leased equipment at the end of your contract. You can account for the lease as a purchase and depreciate the asset on your balance sheet, and all without committing a large amount of capital. These types of leases cannot generally be cancelled during the term of the contract, but at the end of the term you will often have the option to purchase the leased equipment at a nominal price, usually as low as $1.00.  This lease typically qualifies for Section 179 tax treatment.


True or Operating Leases are ideal if you need to use a piece of equipment for a limited time and don't need to take ownership. If high-end equipment in your field makes rapid advancements and it's important for you to keep ahead of the technology curve, this type of lease may be your answer. Bankers Leasing retains ownership of the equipment, but you stay at the forefront of your field without spending a fortune on constant updates. You do, however, have the option to purchase any of the leased equipment at the end of the lease term. Although fair market value options are standard in the leasing industry, a 10% purchase option is the norm at Bankers Leasing.